The Dinner Party


Being an HR manager on a day to day basis is not unlike hosting a dinner party serving a 5 course meal.

So many things to do! Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entrée, Dessert!

You don’t have the time to make every course a gourmet, from scratch course. So you have a choice – either make it yourself and cut some corners, or buy take-out from a local restaurant that you know and trust to have great food. If you had more time or more people helping, you could do it (you know how), but that’s just not the case. And this meal is important.

There are some courses that are not feasible to be “outsourced”. You can’t pick up steak to serve – you want it fresh off the grill.  But other courses are much more conducive to being outsourced. Let’s take the soup for example. Soup takes time. Ok, good soup takes time. You have to have the right ingredients, a great recipe, and time. Lots of time to simmer.

So you look and find a restaurant that has great soup. Not only do you find one, but you find a place that specializes in soup! Fresh ingredients, wonderful spices, and a chef that is so passionate about her trade that she spends quite literally all day cooking it. And all you have to do is pick it up on your way home!

At EGW, we like to think of ourselves as that passionate chef sourcing and selecting the finest of ingredients, using our time-tested recipes, and providing you with a trusted source for your hiring. It takes time to hire people. You cannot cut corners. But by finding good ingredients (people), and applying a solid recipe (process), you can maximize the potential of a great hire.

Our process is simple. After discussing your situation, we select the hiring solution that best fits your need, your culture, and your budget. Once that is agreed on we begin our 6-step hiring process that starts with a complete job description, includes reference checks, and doesn’t end until you’ve negotiated an offer. But we don’t make the final decision. That’s always yours. We do all the legwork. We do the work you would do if you only had the time.

So the next time you find yourself buried under deadlines and still counted on to prepare that 5 course meal, remember that EGW has your back. We have the soup!

Bon Appetit!!

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