How Do You Define a Successful Hire?

How do you define a successful hire?


In my opinion, the simplest definition of a successful hire is when your new employee crushes their first annual review.


If we can agree on that, then recruiting should start there. Start the recruiting process with the end in mind. Start with the goal you’re trying to achieve. In order to get there, A) your company has to actually HAVE annual reviews, and B) you need to know what is in them. How do you measure success in any given position in your company? Do you use KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and have expected levels of performance within those key areas? Peter Drucker said “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” So true. But do we do it?


In today’s world of flexible work schedules, measuring performance is more important than ever. Just showing up and putting your hours in no longer counts. Performance is much different that just being punctual. Everyone wants the freedom of running their own lives & controlling when and where they work, but the only way for that to work is accountability. There has to be some sort of KPI that helps measure success and performance.