Recently, one of our clients made an offer to a candidate we found. Everyone was excited about the end of a search and the beginning of a new work relationship. Until the candidate got cold feet. Since it was our candidate, we led the discussions to follow with regard to the candidate’s concerns and the client’s questions. But there was one major thing missing – our bias.
In a previous blog, Working Relationship Status: It's Complicated, I explained the difference between a 1099 Independent Contractor and a W-2 Employee. The problem is, if you are an extremely small business, with NO employees, and you're getting to the point of needing some help, you currently have 3 options:
We all know there is no “PERFECT” job but we are all searching for that place that fulfills our passion, a place that challenges us and where we feel we are a part of a team and where we can be a true contributor.