An Unbiased Recruiter?

Recently, one of our clients made an offer to a candidate we found. Everyone was excited about the end of a search and the beginning of a new work relationship. Until the candidate got cold feet.

Since it was our candidate, we led the discussions to follow with regard to the candidate’s concerns and the client’s questions. But there was one major thing missing – our bias. You see, this client was not paying a typical 20% headhunter finder’s fee. Instead, they were paying us as a recruiting consultant. They paid us an hourly rate to work on their behalf to help them recruit new team members. And what a difference it made!

If this was a traditional 20% placement, the recruiter would be doing everything they could to save this placement! They worked very hard to get to this point and there is no way they’re going to let this placement, its fee, and their commission slip away now. Yes, they should do the right thing regardless of the outcome. But let me ask you – if a couple was having second thoughts just before being married, and their counselor only got paid if the couple married and stayed married for 90 days, would you trust the counselor to give complete, unbiased advice? Or would you trust their advice more if they were paid regardless of the outcome?

Exactly. Since we were being paid by the client regardless of the outcome, our position in the negotiation was 100% in the best interest of the client. With NO BIAS toward the placement!