Unlimited Paid Vacation – Dream or Nightmare?

In a recent article, “Pros & Cons of Unlimited Vacation Time for Employees”, Brian Anelante reveals the holistic Pros & Cons of unlimited vacation time. But he missed the more practical advantages and pitfalls.

Yes, unlimited vacation time is loved by all. No tracking, no arguments. Just do your job – everyone’s on the same playing field. But a very practical advantage is when someone leaves your organization – especially an unexpected resignation – there is no longer the regretted obligation to pay someone weeks of un-used, earned vacation time. When you don’t keep track of vacation time and everyone gets an unlimited amount, vacation time is no longer “earned” and is therefore not required to be paid out.

On the negative side, the most obvious issue is people taking advantage of the freedom. If your company culture is not one of accountability and clear-cut performance goals for all positions, an unlimited vacation policy could prove very problematic. In addition, there must be a proper approval protocol to avoid coverage problems.

If your corporate culture is mature enough to handle the freedom and responsibilities of unlimited paid vacation, go for it. But if you ever find yourself playing referee or feeling like a babysitter, you may want to wait a while.

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