How to Find a Perfect Job


We all know there is no “PERFECT” job but we are all searching for that place that fulfills our passion, a place that challenges us and where we feel we are a part of a team and where we can be a true contributor.

Finding this place is not always easy.  Many people are just starting their career search, others are thrown into a job search after a lay off or reorganization and others make the decision to start a job search after hitting the top of their career.

Whatever your reason the search process can be difficult.  This is why it is a great idea to have someone assisting you – Here are some basic reasons why it can be to your advantage to work with a “Head Hunter” or Professional Recruiter.

  • Access to unlisted jobs: Many clients do not use job boards and list their postings exclusively with a Recruiter. Get first access to these jobs.
  • Search Passively: Even if you are not actively looking, but curious what is out there.  A Professional Recruiter is able to work with you confidentially and keep you aware of openings that are coming up that may help you reach your career goals.
  • Resume Rework: A Professional Recruiter will work with you on putting together a resume that will get the attention of the hiring manager. Each job has particular requirements, it is important that your resume / submittal packet has key words and information that will grab the attention of the hiring manager
  • Get your foot in the door: One of the most frustrating portions of a job search is trying to get a call or email back from an employer. Sometimes you are left wondering if your resume even reached the intended manager.  Even if you contact the hiring manager personally, chances of hearing back are slim. However, a Professional Recruiter has a vast network of connections, usually within a specialized industry.  Working with a recruiter can get your out of the pile of resumes and into the hands of the managers.
  • Help with Interview Prep:  Sitting down with a hiring manager can be very unnerving.  A Professional Recruiter will work with you in getting you’re prepared for the interview.  Recruiters have great insight to their clients so they can prepare your for questions that may be ask, help you prepare questions to ask and even give insight to the culture of the company, department and hiring manager.
  • Negotiate:  A Professional Recruiter is able to work with you to get the best salary and benefits.  Recruiters negotiate every day with their clients and know the ins and outs of the market rate for your level of experience.


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