Employing Workers is Difficult!

In 1900, there were 2 U.S. employment laws. In 1980, that number increased to 125. TODAY there are 2,200 different laws or clauses that employers have to comply with and the penalties for non-compliance can
be substantial!

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 Outsourced Employment

Commonly referred to as PAYROLLING, Outsourced Employment is when an assigned worker has been identified by the client and is employed by the  Staffing Firm.

  • You select the talent and the pay rate.
  • We handle all employment paperwork and most onboarding.
  • You handle on-site job and safety training.
  • You report approved hours worked each week.
  • Workers are paid and you are invoiced.
  • We handle everything else!

As the employer of record, all aspects of employment are included in your one low bill rate. These include items such as Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Federal & State Unemployment Insurance, FICA, all Tax withholding, W-2 Processing, Payroll Processing, and employee reporting.

  • Get the worker(s) without the full commitment, cost & liability of being an employer.
  • Avoid concerns over mis-classifying 1099 workers.
  • Supplement your “core” workforce with contingent workers you sourced.
  • Add workers without adding “Head Count”.
  • Hire former retired employees without violating company policies.
  • Use as “Client-Sourced” Staffing.
  • Use for Grant-funded workers.
  • Use for special projects.
  • Use for seasonal workers.
  • Employ out of state workers without registering in that state.
  • Provide benefits that may not be feasible for seasonal, Part-time, or Project-based workers.


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